Planning For Your Future

Drafting a comprehensive estate plan plays a vital role in helping individuals create peace of mind for their future and the futures of their loved ones. If you are considering creating a will or trust, schedule a consultation with a skilled lawyer.

At Lavoie Law, we have extensive experience guiding our clients through the process of planning for the future of their estates. Whether this entails setting up a trust for your children or drafting a will to clarify the distribution of your assets, an attorney can help. We have more than 35 years of combined experience handling complex family law matters. We understand the stress that can build when individuals attempt to navigate the legal process. We are prepared to answer questions about the process while providing the guidance you need.

Setting Up Wills And Trusts

While both are considered estate planning documents, wills and trusts serve different purposes.

  • Wills: Typically speaking, a will specifies who should be an heir and what assets those heirs should receive from the estate.
  • Trusts: If a will is for assets including physical property, then a trust is designed to account for the estate's finances. A trust can be set up to fund a college education, cover special-needs expenses or finance an organization.

While this might seem confusing, estate planning documents can typically be as general or specific as you'd like. If you don't have a will or trust in place, however, the state will usually distribute the estate based on statutes. In order to retain control over who gets what when, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced Portland attorney.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your specific matter in greater detail, call or email the firm's Portland office at your earliest convenience.