Is It Possible To Modify A Divorce Order?

Even if you are completely satisfied with your divorce order, your circumstances might change. Job loss, relocation or a medical emergency might strain your finances. In these situations, it is wise to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable family law attorney.

At Lavoie Law, we understand that circumstances change. Many people will first try to work out an arrangement with their former spouse or partner. Unfortunately, even if your ex is willing to modify the agreement, a verbal agreement is not legally binding. It is best to work through the legal process so the modifications are properly recorded and legally enforceable.

Verbal Agreements Might Not Help You

The court understands financial circumstances and living arrangements can change in the months and years following a divorce. If your life has changed to the point of necessitating an alteration to your divorce order, it is crucial that you speak with a lawyer. We can help with:

  • Child support modifications
  • Child custody modifications
  • Spousal support modifications
  • Move-aways and relocations

With a well-drafted legal document supporting your modification, you can rest assured that the alterations are legally enforceable.

Enforcement Of A Current Order

Sometimes your former spouse or partner is not abiding by the terms of the order and it becomes necessary to seek court intervention to compel compliance. This can be done in one of two ways - by enforcement or contempt. Generally, using a Motion to Enforce is simpler and should work to get what you need. However, if the other party is ignoring an earlier Order to Enforce or is extremely hostile to doing what the court orders, you may want to go the next step by bringing a Motion for Contempt.

At Lavoie Law, we understand how frustrating it can be when one party to an order chooses not to follow the order. We are ready to assist you in enforcing an existing order in the best way to ensure satisfactory results.

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