Working To Determine The Correct Support Amount

Financial disputes can become heated during a divorce. Whether you are facing issues relating to property division or spousal support, it is critical that you have an experienced attorney on your side.

At Lavoie Law, we have decades of experience representing Maine clients as they proceed through divorce. One issue that often creates conflict is spousal support. Whether you know it as spousal support, spousal maintenance or alimony, it refers to the act of one party paying money to the other party following a divorce. No matter if you are the financially dependent or financially independent spouse, we will fight to ensure the correct spousal support determination is made.

There Are Various Types Of Alimony

Depending on your situation, the court can award spousal support in various ways:

  • General spousal support may be awarded for marriages lasting longer than 10 years. The presumption in Maine is these payments will not continue for longer than half the duration of the marriage. For marriages over 20 years, there is no durational limitation.
  • Transitional spousal support may be awarded to assist the spouse who will be making significant lifestyle changes such as re-entering the workforce.
  • Reimbursement spousal support is typically awarded if one party made substantial contributions to the other party's educational or career advancement during the marriage.

To learn more about your specific situation and what your legal options are, do not hesitate to contact us.

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